SarSys Incident Management

Manage and record every aspect of an incident, from the moment you deploy to the minute you stand-down.

All your search management needs in one place.

No need to use multiple systems that do not interoperate. Do away with complex data handling issues.

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Setup, administer and close incidents (e.g. search activity), add key team roles, incident details and locations via a central dashboard.


View team members that have responded to SMS eMail Alerts ('Yes', 'No', 'Later') & Book them in electronically as they arrive at the RV.


Draw areas, routes, points on the digital map, describe and set the priority for each.


Real-time weather forecast for the next 12 hours detailing temperature, wind direction, wind speed, general weather state and chance of rain.


Add contacts specifically related to the incident.

PLANNER | Dashboard

View key summary missing person information, the status of the automated incident checks and the resources required of any plans that have been created.

PLANNER | Initial Response Forms 1

The First Notice Record Sheet details the name of the missing person, what's happened and additional info, details of who and how the incident was reported plus a unique reference (CAD) with the means to complete a deployment risk assessment. Individual or multiple mispers supported.

PLANNER | Initial Response Forms 2

The Missing Person Profile captures all of the detailed information for each missing person including type, age, gender, build, physical features plus details of clothing, health, medication, habits, likely activities, previous history and anything pertinent. etc.

PLANNER | Scenarios

Create, manage and view specific search scenarios to identify where the mister may have gone, why and prioritise each of these. On screen digital mapping is provided to assist, which can be filtered to turn on/off tasks, locations, tracks and features such as water, buildings, railways and woodlands.


Create, manage and view detailed search plans for each scenario created and draw the associated search area, route or point on the digital map. Also identify the resource required for each. There can be any number of these search activities for any given scenario.


Using the integrated KStat functionality the system will filter the data to acquire statistics for the misper details provided and provide tables of data detailing their likely distance from the Initial Planning Point (PLS or LKP), find locations, condition, and track offset. The digital map will show the IPP and place rings to indicate how far the missing person may have travelled (rings for 25%, 50%, 75% & 95%). Stats can also be entered manually to reflect other recognised statistics e.g. Grampian or customised specific to the nature of the search.

OPS | Log

Manual entry of incident activity on to a central log complete with Black Box recording (e.g. all user activity added to log such as booking in team members, creating areas, assigning a team to an area etc.). Decision ‘Made’, or ‘Required’ are identified with a quick view feature. The user can control the level of detail displayed on screen. There is a search facility to filter the log to specific free text. The full log can be exported at any time to a PDF file.

OPS | LocateMe

Create a LocateMe by adding the missing person's name, misper type and unique reference plus their mobile number and a short message. This will send a text message to them asking them to click on a link that will take them to a web-page. This will ask them to click a button to reveal their location. This will send a lat / long back to SarSys which will be displayed on a digital map to reveal their location. An alert text is also sent to the user requesting the LocateMe if they click the button.

OPS | Tasks

View the details of any Tasks whether 'Active', 'Completed' or 'Closed' plus the details of any teams or resources available for deployment.

OPS | Areas / Routes / Points

View all Areas, Routes or Points marked on an interactive digital map and focus in to any specific task.

OPS | Misper

View all key details for the missing person plus their image with the ability to edit these and print a Missing Person Form.

OPS | Teams

Create, edit and view the details of all Teams whether 'Available', 'Active', 'Assigned' or 'Disbanded'.

OPS | Debriefs

View all Debriefs that are required to be added or have been added and create a debrief for any completed task.

SMS | Dashboard

View details of texts delivered plus the responses and the text credit balance.

SMS | Send SMS

Create and send an SMS to prepare, deploy or stand down the team or provide information. Texts can be sent to Unit Members (if you use Team Site / integration with D4H in development), Global Contacts and Incident Only contacts. Team Members can be added en-mass, individually or filtered by role types (e.g. Dog Handler, Drone Pilot etc). Utilise a PREFIX to manage responses and Templates to add incident information directly into the text body. Set whether or not you want an inbox for the text. Simply add or modify the body text as required and send. SarSys will automatically manage the responses.

SMS | Sent Messages

View all individual sent messages and the responses.

SMS | Inbox

View all inboxes. This is set each time you create a text.

MAP | Digital Interactive Mapping

This map centres on the IPP, shows the statistical rings calculated from the Stats selected or entered, all locations / areas / routes / points / search plans / search tasks and any Mast data that has been added. All of these can be displayed or hidden at the click of a button on the side of the map. The map can also show water, buildings, railways and woodland, again at the click of a button. There are tools to toggle full screen mode, toggle OS map, change map type, print the map and hide / show these buttons in their toolbars.

Global Contacts | Dashboard

View all contacts that have been added to SarSys which can be booked in to any incident. These are contacts that will be used for multiple incidents, such as 4x4 Controllers, POLSA's, Salvation Army, Land Owners etc. You can edit and remove contacts.

Global Contacts | Add

Add contacts providing their name, mobile number, landline number, email, organisation, role and details.

SarSys is an ecosystem of interconnected software modules to help those Search And Rescue to manage their team, launch incidents, callout members, plan and manage the incident. 

With in-built automated black-box recording of all activities in conjunction with a manual logging facility, search managers can record absolutely every facet of the search and hand a complete audit trail one to the authorities they assist.

SARSYS also provides real-time access for all parties to an incident, regardless of their location. 

This cloud-based system requires no infrastructure or complex IT installations, compatible with the latest versions of the leading web browsers and will function responsively on most mobile devices; typically tablets, laptops and desktop computers.