Finding Missing Persons who want to be found.

Locate a missing person, on a map, in real time.

Send a text to their smart phone that will direct them to a web page asking them to click on a button to send their location.

If they click on the button their location will be displayed on an interactive digital map to reveal where they are. FOUND!

LOCATEME | Dashboard

View a list of every LocateMe detailing the type of missing person, their name, status (open / closed) type, unique reference and number of responses received. Click anywhere on the row to go to the Details screen.


Click on the Add button to create a new LocateMe. Enter the unique reference (CAD), their, type of missing person, their mobile number and a short text message. This LocateMe will be added to the Dashboard list where you can go to send and manage.

LOCATEME | Text Details

This screen lists all the details for this specific LocateMe. Use the action buttons to print, send, edit, set the status to closed. You can also toggle the map On and Off. When the map is not shown the screen displays the details of each sent LocateMe showing the date / time it was sent and delivered. The Responses table shows every action by the recipient including if they have clicked on the link in the text message and pressed the button to give their location.


If the recipient has given their location you can see each time it has been provided with a date and time stamp. Click on any of these to to display their location at that time on the integrated digital map.

LocateMe is a system enabling Search and Rescue teams to find people who want to be found.

It allows you to send a text to their smartphone expressing a concern for their welfare.

If they respond to this text this will return a grid location of their smartphone, displayed in real-time on a interactive digital map. For those people that don’t want to be found, we have seen many get back in touch after receiving a LocateMel as it has let them know that someone cares.