About SarStuff

Having met through Search and Rescue many years ago, Business Partners, SarStuff Directors and Search and Rescue veterans, Stuart Kenny and Mick Desmond decided to develop their own Search Management Software.

Having trialled all of the systems on the market they realised that none of them fully met all the needs of a search team. 

SarStuff is a not for profit Community Interest Company (CIC) that is dedicated to developing software solutions for those working in and associated with the field of Search and Rescue (SAR) such as Lowland Rescue or Mountain Rescue Teams, Coastguard, 4×4 Response Teams and Police Forces.

Both Stuart and Mick are qualified Lowland Rescue Search Technicians, Team Leaders as well as NSARDA Dog Handlers. Stuart is also a Lowland Rescue qualified Search Manager with significant experience managing many searches. Stuart and Mick have collectively been involved with well over 500 vulnerable missing person searches. 

Over the years, they have been acutely aware that there was no single system dedicated to helping SAR teams manage a search from end-to-end so for the last few years they have developed their own software to address this anomaly. 

Originally SarSys was designed to create and address a solution for their own search team – Kent Search And Rescue – but as other Search and Rescue teams have taken an interest and seen how functional and user friendly it is. The time is now right to make it available to other organisations. 

SarStuff has spent many years developing several solutions for different aspects of Search and Rescue including Missing Person Statistics, SMS Text Location, Search Planning, Search Operations and Team Management. 

The SarStuff search and rescue management system is referred to collectively as SarSys. Some modules, as they can operate in complete isolation, are part of the SarSys ecosystem but also exist in their own right. This includes KStat, LocateMe, TeamSite and Central.